Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whippet Wednesday

Westminster...a celebration of the wonderful canine spirit, reflecting our emotional attachment to our dogs!

The last two nights the pooches & I watched America's Dog Show.

A whippet won the Hound group, so we had even more excitement about Tuesday's broadcast. The Best of the Best...America's top dog! It's amazing that the Westminster Dog Show predates the invention of the light bulb, the automobile, and a wonderful little thing, the zipper. The!

I've experienced the excitement of showing dogs. Zeke has even earned a point to his championship. He just really didn't like being in the show ring. To show at the world's largest dog show...I can't image. It's such an emotional rush...then I looked over at Zeke. He could hardly contain himself with the excitement. Just an FYI...I didn't put the pillows over him. He was curled up with his head resting on the pillow & must have decided to stretch out.

Doc on the other hand was watching with intense anticipation.

Congrats to "Sadie" the Scottish Terrier for winning it all!


  1. Isn't it great...he does it all the time! We just crack up!