Thursday, February 18, 2010

Estate Sale finds

FINALLY...I found a couple Estate Sales this morning. yippee!! I haven't taken a picture of my dirty finds yet. I ended up in the shed with a couple of old guys & a few mice...yikes~! One of the old guys asked why would you want to be out here? I told him ya just never know what you'll find and smiled. He just shrugged his shoulders & went on digging. I think I'll go back Saturday morning when I'm not wearing a cream colored hoodie and trying to stay clean in a shed with 1/2 inch of dirt on everything's kind of tough. I didn't want to go back home to change cloths before getting my driver's license picture taken. Loving the yellow elephant planter. I kind of have a thing for animal planters.
2 little bells, a pitcher and a platter

Purple glass 3 pc. nursery rhyme dishes...too cute.

A wonderful silver tray, fish bowl, ribbed bowl, and 2 little glasses.
Hoping that everyone's had a wonderful day...until tomorrow.

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  1. Traci I love the flowered platter... Actually I love it all, but the platter is my favorite...

    Keep On Junking