Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whippet Wednesday

Some days it just doesn't pay to make the bed...
Doc enjoys snoozing with Little Kitty for an early evening nap. Little Kitty's our 21 year old cat, the energizer bunny...he just keeps going & going. The first day at the estate sale was an experience!
I've gone to plenty of sales, but never right when they open or working one.
People were lined up outside, beating on the door, then pushing and running when the doors opened. I'm sorry folks...nothing is that important to act like complete idiots.
And to top things off...a few rude ones.
Luckily...most were friendly.
I'll be going back tomorrow afternoon & Friday morning (1/2 price day). Most of the things I was interested in sold...but it's ok...I'm still eyeballing several others...
Hope that you had a Wonderful Wednesday!

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