Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally Friday...

What a fabulous Friday this has been, even with the rain.
A few estate sale finds from the sale I worked at... loving the typewriter...

Of coarse, I'll be keeping a few of these beauties...
My Greyhound(Whippet) domino pendant that I purchased
Thank you Margo for your beautiful work!
(having picture difficulties again...sorry!)

And finally my very first giveaway winnings from the Eggstra Fun Egg Swap.
Thank you Shara.
Now I want to be a part of a swap!!!
I'm also looking forward to my stepdaughter's coming home for the weekend. We're having dinner together this evening, then she'll be spending Easter with her mother's family.
Tomorrow the hubby & I have a few errands, then Sunday
we'll be going to see his brothers, sisters, and mother.
Wishing all a joyous Easter & a wonderful weekend!


  1. Traci, it is almost over, Easter Sunday. I didn't want it go without wishing you a happy one. I have been very busy, today is the first day i have a little extra time in between taxes to visit with my blog friends. I hope your store is doing well. I love the pendant Margo made for Whippet (how did you come out with his name?) I will visit with more time. Blessings, Marta.

  2. That typewriter and those number tags are the BOMB!!

    I used to help a lady here in town work her estate sales. It was lots of fun. I miss it. I would still be helping but she moved to be near her grandchildren.

    Happy hunting,