Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whippet Wednesday & 40!

Turning 40's the new 30, right? Right!
It's now official, I've entered the landmark birthday...middle age. Please, no need for the bad forty jokes...already been hit with hormonal changes, from acne to being overheated...ahhh the wonders of growing old.
I've had a great day!
When my hubby asked what I'd like to do for my birthday, I thought long & hard before I answered. I'm easy to please...soooo...let's hit a few antique stores and have lunch together.
You see, this is a big deal....he dislikes going to antique stores...once you've seen the inside of one, they all start looking alike...blah, blah.
We hit 4 stores. The first one was highly priced. The second one had several good sales.
Got a 3 tiered white shelf, a cute pink wicker stool, a platter, child's stool, a sprinkler bottle, an American Beauty paddle, and 3 spindles.
The third one had a cafe...yummy!
Wonderfully big, deep dish slices of pie. Hubby had peach & I had apple.
The final shop was just as expensive as the first.
Time went by way too fast...

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening.


  1. Happy Bday to you! I hope your 40's turn out to be the best years yet. I love the dishes in your header. That is the kind of petina I love to find in my dishes. You score some really good pieces. How is your booth doing? I'm finding myself running out of ideas for my posts. I thought I might start talking about tv shows and nonsense. A friend of mine told me that I write the same way I talk and I think she meant it more as a critique than as a compliment. Oh well, that is what I like about blogging, pretty much everything goes. I hope you continue to have fun with your shop and blogging, blessings,Marta.

  2. Hello, You made a comment on my blog about the Greyhound domino's. I have them on my etsy account for sale and they are only 12.00 each.

    Can't wait to look around your blog.

    blessings and tail wags,

  3. Happy Birthday Traci... I love you antique store finds... Great...

    Keep On Junking