Monday, March 8, 2010

Playing catch-up

Holy-moly time flies by when you're having fun....first let me say... thank you for the Birthday wishes.
This by far was one of the best birthday weeks ever.
Yeah, I said 'birthday week'!
Listen to this... a couple girlfriends took me to a burlesque show Thursday night. I thought I'd get embarrassed, however, much to my surprise, it was very tastefully done. A very classy show.
Then bright & early Friday morning, we all went to several shops around the area that are only open the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the month. Had lunch & shopped some more.
Fun..Fun..Fun! On Sunday, my sister proudly holding one of her scrapbook pages from our gathering. She finished several. It seems that I can only download five pictures with each post. So, sorry ladies.
We had a great time chatting, scraping, and eating. My sis even had a Birthday cake for me.
Saturday, re fluffed my booth. was much needed.
Don't ya just love the hippo planter? He makes me laugh!

Another view

This area turned out pretty cute.

And then the dresser that just won't sell....I marked it down last week, so since I've made a comment about it...(fingers crossed) it will soon.
On top of all this, I was cat sitting all week, had a couple dog walking appointments and a dog to groom this morning. Needless to say, my house has suffered....sooooo I'm off to continue washing cloths, cleaning floors and etc...blah..blah..blah!
Happy Monday!

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  1. I love the yellow, and the hippo. Glad you had a good Birthday week....

    Keep On Junking