Thursday, April 15, 2010

where has the time gone....

I kept telling myself...I'll post on my blog later. What do ya know, a whole week has pasted by.

It's just been beautiful out therefore I've been taking advantage of it while I can. Before long it will be so blasted hot, I won't want to be outside. I've done some yard work, painted on some projects, and organizing stuff in the garage (a never ending process). I'm trying to get the garage ready for future treasures that I'm hoping to find....getting my hoarding skills back in order...
Oh & working some too.
I'll admit, I've also been just sitting outside enjoying the newness of spring....
reflecting a little & looking forward to some new opportunities.
My hubby will have 30 years in next spring. We're looking into relocating.
This summer we have several areas that we will be checking out....
around Rogers, Arkansas & around Waterville, Kansas.
Who knows where we are going to end up!
The whole process is going to be exciting and a bit scary.
So, that's where the time has having fun & thinking too much.


  1. Hi Traci - Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment. I vote you move to around Rogers, Arkansas because that is precisely where I live! ;o) I'm sure moving will be scary, but I bet it will be fun too! Good luck! Shara

  2. Thanks Shara!!! We'll be coming down to Rogers...sometime in June, just to check things out. I'll keep you posted. =)