Monday, January 18, 2010

More finds for the booth...

Actually the white pitcher I'm keeping...

Loving the Lion planter. Great little yellow planter with a plate. And a cute little container for rings & things.
Like I've said before, I just can't wait for Spring!


  1. Rings and things really brings back memories to me it was on something in our bedroom,i wonder if mum still has it?
    Love the rest of your finds!
    Love Kristina Xxx

  2. Thanks for visiting me. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your dogs. How's business at your booth?

  3. Thank you ladies...for visiting & making comments. You've just made my day!
    Things are slow at the antique mall this time of year, but can't complain....things are being sold & my booth rent is covered.
    Have a wonderful day...